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Word Root: E

E: Epsilon 欢呼-a praying or calling human figure (hillul ‘jubilation’) epic, empire, eat, eager, eagle, elite, ease, easy 伸展/出:extend, exit, ear, end, echo, east, elite, extreme 对称: even, event, evening, egg, eye, equal, every, eight 欢呼:ego, empt, erg, es, eu- ego: I  ego, egocentric, egotist, egoist, egoism, egomaniac empt:  exempt, preempt, redemption, peremptory, redeem erg: work […]

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Best Speeches: Decision to Go to the Moon

Full Speech Rhetorical Analysis  An Analysis “and this generation does not intend to founder in the backwash of the coming age of space.” founder v. (of a ship) fill with water and sink. sink, submerge “six drowned when the yacht foundered off the Florida coast” (of a plan or undertaking) fail or break down, typically […]

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Words by Subjects: Travel

Traveling Wanderlust: Felix spent his twenties trying to satisfy his wanderlust, visiting no fewer than 50 countries on four continents.  cosmopolitan: She became much more cosmopolitan after a dozen trips abroad, achieving near fluency in Spanish and French.  kosmo=world, polites = citizen insular: Since the dictator had closed off the country from foreign influence, the […]

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Words by Subjects: French Words

arriviste, parvenu, rapport, passe, raconteur, sortie, gauche, cache, sangfroid, liaison, envoy, sans, filial, droll, faux pas, enfant terrible, tete-a-tete, savoir vivre, esprit de corps, savoir faire,  nonchalant Giving off a sense of calmness and coolness. indifferent, not caring. insouciant Katy lulled opponents by nonchalantly walking onto the court; only when the whistle blew did she […]

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Word Roots: L

Lamedh may have come from a pictogram of an ox goad or cattle prod. Some have suggested a shepherd’s staff.  牧羊人赶羊的长鞭, 尖头棒,戳, 驱赶, 驱赶到一起, 驱赶使其聚集在一起; 戳,选择, 工作 牧羊人是上帝的使者, 赞扬, 教徒受洗, leash, relish (great enjoyment), milieu (background, setting, surroundings) labor, laud, lavish, lax, laxative, laxity,  lat, lat: 拉条,千丝万缕 拉, 拉宽 联系, 隐蔽 拉, 联系: relate, related, […]

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Words by Subjects: True or False

In a court of law, truth is paramount.  First we put witnesses under oath to have them to swear to the veracity of their remarks. Of course there is no way to guarantee that everyone will speak truthfully. In fact many professional witnesses give false testimony that seems exactly like the truth. The verisimilitude of […]

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Best Speeches: Duties of American Citizenship

The Best of Youth (Italian movie 2003) Be a person: practical and warm with the highest principles of honor and justice. Don’t be a person: finds flaws in everything and every other person, wants to overthrow every system and reform everything right off, with a jump.  Para. 1 Theodore Roosevelt Citation Information:Roosevelt, Theodore, “The Duties […]

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