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Vocabulary by Topics

Youtube: mmmEnglish, bigcurnch05 (word smart building a more educated vocabulary) Career Obstacle:  to hit an obstacle. to face an obstacle. to overcome an obstacle Challenges To get over hurdles 2. Fears and downs to have a doubt self-doubt to overcome self-doubt doubt to deal with fear to manage fear to harness fear to face one’s […]

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Vocabulary: word structure – roots

Youtube: Yousef Alqamoussi Ag, Act Do Activity, interaction, agent Ambul Walk, move Ambulance, Ambulatory, amble Ami, Amo Love Amiable, amorous, amity Anim Mind, Soul, Spirit Animate, unanimous, magnanimity Anthro Human anthropology, misanthrope, philanthropy Apt Skill aptitude, adapt Arch Chief, First archetype, archbishop, archeology, monarch Aud, Audit Hear audible, auditorium, audience Auto Self automatic, automobile, autonomy, […]

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