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Math: 1st – 6th Grade

Three Key Topics in Elementary School Distributive property | Distributive Property | Review on Order of Operations and Distributive Property |  Practice-Distributive property | Factoring Fraction division and multiplication | Fraction division Proofs Negative numbers |  Drive these three concepts home with your children, then they are good to go for middle school.  Relate operations: addition […]

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Help Our American Kids with Their Math

因材施教 yin_1 cai_2 shi_1 jiao_4 Teachers and Parents, when teaching, ought as far as possible to teach students according to their abilities. – Confucius Dedicated to my dear daughter who made me re-learn math, view the stuff in a different perspective, made me realize that she has her own way to learn math, and made […]

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Science: Bones and Muscles

SciLinks Body Systems Work cellStructure typesOfTissues Skin digestiveSys excretorySys protectionAgainstDisease sensesOfNervousSys skeleton movableJoints1 movableJoints2 boneStructure musclePairs typesOfMuscles Lever pullingOutANail lawOfLever threeClassesOfLevers leversInBody 上一页 下一页

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Science: Endocrine System and Reproduction

The endocrine system Vocabulary:  hypothalamus pituitary  thyroid – thyroxine parathyroid thymus pancreas adrenal ovaries – estrogen and progeterone testes – testoterone  Male Reproductive System Male Reproductive System Female Reproductive System Female Reproductive System Release of an Egg Menstrual Cycle Hormone Change in Menstrual Cycle Egg and Sperms Early Changes in an Embryo Embryo Fetus Vital […]

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Math – Exponents

Important: Exponent (radical) is operation itself. Base and power can be any real number: rational or irrational number.  Check if the bases and or power are the same when doing operations over exponents.  Math_Exponents Part2 1. Special cases 2. Understanding exponential notation:  Question: how are exponent related to multiplication? Question:  how many zeros are in […]

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G. Euler Circle – Complex Analysis

Complex numbers: polar coordinates Why we use radiance instead of degrees in calculus.  Riemann Surfaces Square root function and the logarithm function Liouville’s Theorem Hilbert’s Nullstellensatz the Zariski-closed sets Picard’s little theorem Wegert’s book Geometric view of complex functions Real Analysis tips: proof techniques, definitions, definitions – links – proof, notations (quantifiers),  Limits Cauchy Sequence: […]

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Word Roots: S

SIGMA, tooth  Sun, sing, see, star, sister, sit, stupid, sign, sum, solve sigma = sum sign sol, star = astro, aster, stell sunna – sun SOL: 太阳,唯一, 庄严 Helios – HE (helium) Solomon solarize, solarization, solarium, insolation,  circumsolar, extrasolar, parasol, turnsole (sunflower) solstice = sol + stic + e = sun + stop = the […]

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