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Accurate English – Useful English Proverbs

Make hay while the sun shines. Take action while the opportunity exists. Don’t delay. The product is very popular this year. Let’s make hay while the sun shines and try to sell as many as we can. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Planning is a very important part of success. If you don’t […]

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Got it! Got it. vs I got it. Boss – Please have this ready by Friday. You – Got it! 收到! You – I got it. 我来吧/我有把握某事。 Scene 1: When somebody knocked the door, Phoebe said, “I’ll get it.” Scene 2: You and your friends are leaving the door, and your friend’s asking, “Where is […]

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English Learning – Modern Slang Words

To spill the tea you have some news/gossip for someone ex. amongst your family, I know that my family, they like to spill the tea on each other. So let’s say that you found out something shocking about your aunt, your aunt’s husband tells your dad, and then he tells your mom. Your mom walked […]

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