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Lying Flat

Quick research on “Lying Flat” Tangping is the right way song Lying down is really goodLying down is wonderfulLying down is the right thing to doLie down so you won’t fall anymoreLying down means never falling down. How to express tangping in English Overworked millennials are growing extremely frustrated at the low upward mobility. They’ve […]

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Best Speeches: Duties of American Citizenship

The Best of Youth (Italian movie 2003) Be a person: practical and warm with the highest principles of honor and justice. Don’t be a person: finds flaws in everything and every other person, wants to overthrow every system and reform everything right off, with a jump.  Para. 1 Theodore Roosevelt Citation Information:Roosevelt, Theodore, “The Duties […]

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Best Speeches: I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream Analysis Rhetorical Analysis … join with sb. in ….  one score years  = 20 years withering  1. intended to make someone feel mortified or humiliated.”a withering look”  2. (of heat) intense; scorching.“protective cover to escape withering heat” captivity came as a great beacon light of hope to …. came as a […]

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The Chumash – Genesis 26-30

26:1-12. A famine forces Isaac to Philistia. When Isaac became too successful, he aroused the jealousy of the masses and was forced to leave the country. 26:5. four categories of commandments, … my safeguards, my commandments, my decrees, my Torahs. … Just as an embryo grows from a seed that is implanted as conception, so […]

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The Secret of the Golden Flower

occult and esoteric alchemical Richard Wilhelm disciple aficionado Astral Buddha Sakyamuni astute its hidden secret to meditation an out of body journeys. 第一章: 天心 (第三眼) Chapter 1: The Third Eye 1.1 吕祖曰:“自然曰道,道无名相,一性而已,一元神而已。According to Lu-zu, “dao” was not a tangible phenomenon. It had no name or appearance, just mere nature. Hence, Lu-zu continued stating that “Dao” […]

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Master Key System Chapter 4

Key points 6. The trained mind knows that every transaction must benefit every person who is in any way connected with the transaction, and any attempt to profit by the weakness, ignorance or necessity of another will inevitably operate to his disadvantage. 7. This is because the individual is a part of the Universal. A […]

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