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English Learning – Modern Slang Words

To spill the tea

  • you have some news/gossip for someone
  • ex. amongst your family, I know that my family, they like to spill the tea on each other. So let’s say that you found out something shocking about your aunt, your aunt’s husband tells your dad, and then he tells your mom. Your mom walked into the room and she looks like she has something she wants to tell you. You might say, “spill the tea. What’s going on with Aunt Linda?” She has some tea on Aunt Linda.
  • origin: emoji for iphones, Kermit the frog has a tea cup. He knows something maybe he shouldn’t know. He sits there like this with the tea.

slide into the DMs, slide in my DMs, slide into your DMs

  • you direct message somebody on Instagram usually. It’s usually used in a flirtatious way. “Hey Cutie, how’s it going?” “Hey,” with a wink.
  • if you’re interested in someone romantically. you slide into their DMs.
  • sliding is the first time you contact them.

Don’t be a stranger!

  • Stay in touch with me!
  • Let’s keep in contact!
  • Don’t disappear!
  • Don’t be distant!
  • Don’t stay away!
  • Contact me!


  • something that makes you do this, ugh. embarrassing

You do you.

  • Be yourself.
  • Figure out what it is that you wanna do and do it.

I feel you. I feel that.

  • I understand you.
  • I agree with you.
  • I see where you’re coming from. = I understand your point of view. I understand your opinion. I know how you’re feeling.

I’m not feeling it.

  • I don’t agree with it.
  • I don’t like it.
  • I am not feeling this party. = not enjoying it.


  • It’s not exciting.
  • It’s boring.
  • It’s not interesting.


The mood is indicated in the image.


It’s good. It is fantastic/awesome. The food was “fire”. Those shoes are “fire”.


suspicious, sketchy

low key vs high key

  • you don’t want everybody to know. Don’t tell everybody.
  • Do you have crush on that girl? Yeah, low key.
  • Football is a really hard sport to play, that’s “high key”.
  • In-N-Out has really good burgers, ‘high key’.

another (burger) spot

  • restaurant
  • nightclub
  • bar


If you slide into the DMs, you could be called “thirsty”. Someone really wants attention.

no cap, no caps

  • no lie
  • That person has cap. = he is lying.
  • If they’re capping, they’re lying.
  • Yeah, bro, I can do a hundred push-ups, no cap.


  • yes with a lot of enthusiasm
  • Yas, do your thing, do you.


  • It’s good/nice.
  • When someone bumps into you and says sorry. You say, Don’t worry man, it’s all Gucci.

bump into you

to touch you or to hit you by accident


  • Eminem’s song Stan, a mega fan
  • Oh that man loves Kendrick Lamar, he is a total Kendrick Lamar stan. He stans Kendrick Lamar.

keep it 100

  • keep it a hundred percent honest.
  • keep it one hundred real with me.
  • realness
  • tell me the truth
  • don’t cap.


  • someone just have done something really off the wall.
  • someone just did something really just shocking.
  • You walk up to the coffee shop and the person has an attitude with you and you say, “You know what? Just forget it, I’m gonna go, to Coffee Bean instead.” They were savage.

off the wall

tell someone off

  • to tell someone your opinion about something they did wrong
  • when you’re angry at someone and you want to tell them your true feelings
  • you attack someone verbally
  • ex. I was so angry with him and I told him off!
  • ex. I got fired because I told my boss off!

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