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Word Roots: O

EYE, shape of eye

obliv (unaware, forget) O-eye, B-shelter, block, L-goad, I-dot, V-waw

oblivion, oblivious, obliterate, obliteration, 

ob- (against, in the way): obstacle, obvious, obstruct

obloquy, obverse, obviate, obsolete, obsolescent

ob- (thoroughly) obtain, obtuse, obscure

obdurate, obfuscate, obstreperous

ob- (to, toward): observe, obliged, obliging, ostensible, ostentatious, ostentation, objective

obtrusive, obtrude, obstinate, 

  • opinion
  • opine: to state your opinion on something
  • opinionated

oc (eye): binocular, ocular, oculus, oculist, ferocious, monocle

atrocious, inoculate, 

oc-(thoroughly) occupy, occlude, occultation

omin (sign, omen): omen, abominate, ominous

omni- (all): omnipresent, omniscient, omnibus, omnipotent, omnivorous, omnivore, 

oner (burden, load): onerous, onus, exonerate

onym (name): anonymous, eponym, pseudonym, acronym, antonym, patronymic, metonymy,

onomatopoetic, onomatopoeia


op (eye): optic, optical, myopia, myopic, optometry, optometrist, ophthalmology

synoptic, synopses, synopsis, 

op (wealth, abundance) opulent, cornucopia, copious, 

op (work): opus, oeuvre, opera, 

opus = eye + mouth + waw + sigma

  • opus

    An opus is an important piece of artistic work by a writer, painter, musician, etc.; an opus can also be one in a series of numbered musical works by the same composer.

  • oeuvre

    An oeuvre is the complete works of a single artist.

operation: work / activity / action
rescue / relief / cleanup operation
For them this is a major operation which involves considerable planning.
The patient will have / undergo an operation on appendicitis.
The doctor will do / perform / carry out an operation on the patient for appendicitis.

opt (choose) : opt, adopt, optimist, 

or (speak): adore, oracle, oracular, oral, orifice, oration, peroration, orotund, inexorable, oratory, orator, 

or (rise, high): abort, aborigine, orient, origin, 

oram (sight, view): panorama, diorama, 

orb (circle): orb, orbit, exorbitance, exorbitant

organ: organelle, 

orn (decorate): adorn, suborn, ornate, adornment, ornament, subornation

oosphere, oolite, oology, oologist, oval, ovary, ovaritis, oviform, oviduct, ovaloid, ovule, ovate, ovarian, oviposit, 

overt (opened): overt, overture


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