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Word Roots: B

Flip “B” on its belly and you see a home — complete with a door, a room and a roof. “shelter

  1. 闭环,闭, 口: bag, box, bank
  2. 和房子有关,木头: board, branch, bar, barbell, burn, boil, brew, broom
  3. 带弧度的形状:back, breast, belly, belt, bare, bald, ball, basket, bell, 
  4. 状态与动作: 空间和时间的存在,在。。。之间: be, by, before, become
  5. 破土,新生,生机: bud, born, birth, bird, breed, bright

bio-: life 

amphibian, symbiotic, biopsy, biomass, microbe, biodegrade

be-: to treat in a certain way 

beget, bedeck, beguile, behest, belie, bestow, bedraggled, bedevil

be-: thoroughly

bemused, belabor, berate, belittle, beleaguer, besmirch, bereaved, beholden, beset, bewilder, bespoke, betoken, bequeath, besiege

bar, barr: barrier

bar, debar, disbar, barrister, barrel (to have sb over a barrel), barrette, barrage, barricade, embarrassment

bat: beat, pound

abate, bated, rebate, debate, battle, batter, combat

bell: war, fighting

bellicose, belligerent, rebel, antebellum, revel

bene-: well

benefit, benign, benediction, benefaction (a donation or gift), beneficent, benevolent

but (fence, board): abut, buttress, butt, rebut, rebuttal

burse (basket): disburse, reimburse, bursar, bursary

brev (short): brief, abbreviate, brevity

  • symbol = sym + bol = with/together + throw
  • symbolize
  • parabola = para + bol + a = beside, alongside + throw
  • hyperbola = hyper (over, above) + bol + a
  • hyperbolic
  • parable
  • diabolic and diabolical: characteristic of the Devil, or so evil as to be suggestive of the Devil; disgracefully bad or unpleasant


bili (able): habilitate, rehabilitate, 


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