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The Chumash Leviticus 14

4. the cedar symbolizes haughtiness. Crimson thread and hyssop symbolize the penitent’s new found humility.

14. ear … the thumb … the big toe. .. blood is placed on these three body parts to symbolize that henceforth the metzora must improve himself in mind (ear), deed (thumb, representing action), and effort (big toe, representing forward movement).

20. blasphemy

33. But the house and the money and the success are God given!

35. prerogative… Additionally, one should develop the habit of modesty, saying, “I’m not sure.”

  • At my work, I’ve been practicing more and more to say “I’m not sure.” and “I don’t know.”

40. Woe to the wicked one and woe to his neighbor.

57. …. the law of tzaraas.

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