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The Chumash Leviticus 20

20:2-5. Molech 20:4. If the people avert their eyes once, they will avert their eyes again. If the court attempts to discharge its responsibility, violations will protest: “You did not punish the last violator, is it fair to punish this one?” Only if the courts and the people are consistent can they function properly. 9. […]

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The Structure of Argument Chapter 2

By Annette T. Rottenberg Chapter Two. Responding to Argument good reader, good listener: to uncover the clues that reveal the meaning and to become sensitive to the kinds of organization, support, and language that experienced writers use in persuading their audiences. to distinguish between responsible and irresponsible speech. your purpose is to learn what the […]

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The Structure of Argument

By Annette T. Rottenberg Chapter One. Understanding Argument The nature of argument argument vs quarrel argument: a process of reasoning and advancing proof. argumentation is the art of influencing others, through the medium of reasoned discourse, to believe or act as we wish them to believe or act. In the court, … Tensions are high […]

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The Chumash Leviticus 19

1-4. Holiness, parents, Sabbath, and idols. 1. HASHEM spoke to Moses, saying: 2. Speak to the entire assembly of the Children of Israel and say to them: You shall be holy, for holy am I, HASHEM, your God. 3. Every man: Your mother and father shall you revere and My Sabbaths shall you observe – […]

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Wonderful Mom – Esther Wojcicki

Background research: book: moonshots in education: to enable every child to reach their fullest potential by being fully engaged and inspired in their learning. …the teacher needs to change from the “sage on the stage” to “the guide on the side.”   faculty at singularity university dean at harmony plus is an American journalist, educator, […]

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The Chumash – Genesis 4

4: 1-16. Cain and Abel. 16. Cain left the presence of HASHEM and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden. 16. notably, the eastern region always forms a place of refuge for murderers, for the cities of refuge that Moses later set aside were also to the east, “the place of sunrise.” 4:17-26. […]

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The Chumash Leviticus 17-18

1-9. Service Outside the Tabernacle. 4. Until the time of Noah, man was forbidden to kill animals for his own needs; it was only after the Flood that God’s covenant with Noah gave man permission to kill animals for food. … When a person kills animals without a legitimate purpose, he allows himself to be […]

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Psychosexual Development

Simply Psychology Comments: Oral stage is very important. If you don’t get what you want, actually just food, drink, and diaper change, from your mom, you might have a fixation on this stage. You might become a giant baby always thinking the whole world owes you. You demand something and have to be satisfied immediately. […]

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The Chumash – Genesis 2

Seventh Day: The Sabbath 4. These are the products of the heaven and the earth when they were created on the day that HASHEM God made earth and heaven. … God created the world for the sake of Abraham, because he was the epitome of kindness, one of the pillars of the world. …. He […]

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