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Words: People

  1. egoist: me first, “what’s in it for me?” 
  2. egotist: the height of conceit. 
  3. egocentric
  4. altruist: let me help you. 
  5. introvert: leave me alone, “what do other people think of me?”
  6. extrovert: let’s do it together
  7. ascetic (monk, hermit): self-denial, lonely contemplation 
  8. alter ego
  • alter (other): alternate, alternative, alteration altercation, morbid
  • ambi-: ambivert, ambidexterity, ambidextrous, droit, adroit, adroitness,  gauche, gaucherie, 
  • anthrop (human): anthropology, misanthropist, philanthropy, anthropocentric
  • gyne: gynecologist, gynandrous, misogyny, 
  • andro: misandrist, andromania
  • gamos: monogamy, bigamy, polygamy, polygyny, 
  • dexter: dexterous, dexterity
  • mono (one): monomania 

parry, glib, placate, tyro, 

indefatigable, clandestine, diaphanous,  taciturn, vicarious, iconoclastic, semantic, cavalier, enervated, perspicacity, martinet, prurient, uxorious, 


  • internist: array of tests – X ray, blood, chemistry, urinalysis, cardiogram, asthma, 
  • gynecologist and obstetrician (ob + ste – stand + ician): ectopic, gestational diabetes, 
  • pediatrician: maladies (mal), mumps, chicken pox, measles, whooping cough,
  • dermatologist: dermatitis, acne, eczemas, impetigo, psoriasis, hypodermic, epidermis, taxidermy, pachyderm
  • ophthalmologist (oculist): myopia, astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma; optometrist in optometry, optician in optics
  • orthopedist: clubfoot, slipped discs, curvature of the spine, hip dislocation; braces,
  • orthodontist, orthodontia, orthodontics, pedodontist, periodontist, endodontist (pulp of the tooth) 
  • osteopath (massage)
  • chiropractor
  • cardiologist: circulatory system, cardiogram, cardiograph (write, instrument), blood (serotonin – coagulate, serum, platelets – clotting), hemophilia, 
  • neurologist: nervous system, spinal cord, brain; neuralgia, neuritis, neurosis (mental issue), neurotic. 
  • endocrinologist: 
  • psychiatrist: psychosis, psychotic, psychopathic, 
  • psychotherapist: psychosomatic / psychogenic –  headache, excessive urination, pains, paralysis, heart palpitations;, 
  • psychologist (behavior), psychoanalyst (unconscious), psychic, 
  • geriatrician (medical), gerontologist (non-medical) 
  • podiatrist: podiatry, corns, caluses, bunions, fallen arches
  • veterinarian

logos (science) 

ocular, monocle, binoculars, inoculate

orthos (straight, correct)


algia (pain)

-osis (abnormal)

psyche (spirit, soul, mind)

geras (old age)

senile (old): senior, senate, senility, senescent, 

iatretreia (medical healing): iatrician

path (disease, suffering, feeling): pathogen, 

soma (body)

chiro (hand): chirography, chiromancy = palmistry

pous podos (foot):platypus, podium, tripod, 

graph: calligraphy, cacography, callipygian (buttocks)


agog (leading, leader) : pedagogy, pedagogue, demagogue

demos (people): 

semanticist: semantic = semantical 

philologist: philology 


anatomist, botanist, 


socius (social): asocial 

phenom, retinue, apparatchik, potentate, 

sloven, grump, 

vagabond, reprobate, villain, rogue, gangster, rascal, pervert, scoundrel, savage, rapscallion, arriviste

antagonist (anti + ag-ACT), opponent (oppose), adversary (adverse)

zany, sage, senior, savant, clairvoyant, 

sentry, sentinel,

apostate, apostle, disciple, evangelist, proselytizer

signatory, votary

retinue, factotum, 

vociferous (voice + fer); boisterous (boy + stand), cacophonous (bad + phone), rowdy (row); clamorous (claim), obstreperous (ob + street + per ), 


tranquil (trans+quiet), tranquilizer, serene (serenity)

Irony, hyperbole, homophone, pun, madcap, sense of humor, joke, comedy, stand-up comedy, talk show, punch line. 

Michael Mclntyre, bin – wastepaper basket, horse riding – horseback riding, 

Ronald Reagan

Why didn’t the skeleton go to the party? because he had no body to go with.

Why are spiders so smart? They can find everything on the web.  

Never criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’ll be a mile away, and you’ll have their shoes. 

  • rally (re+all), how to rally the troops
  • ally, assemble, alliance, gather, 
  • muster, muster up the courage
  • cluster, 
  • align, 
  • confederate
  • congregate
  • salvage = save; marine salvage operation
  • succor = sub + run 
  • recourse = re + run 
  • venom (vent + omen), venomous, toxic, poison, poisonous, lethal, vindictive
  • flush (sanguine)
  • ubiquitous, unique 
  • buzzword
  • wan
  • swank
  • parish
  • drivel, 
  • growl
  • yearn
  • carp
  • quash
  • testy
  • zany


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