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Words by Subjects: French Words

arriviste, parvenu, rapport, passe, raconteur, sortie, gauche, cache, sangfroid, liaison, envoy, sans, filial, droll, faux pas, enfant terrible, tete-a-tete, savoir vivre, esprit de corps, savoir faire, 

Giving off a sense of calmness and coolness.

indifferent, not caring.


Katy lulled opponents by nonchalantly walking onto the court; only when the whistle blew did she explode with ferocity. 

She was a master networker, adroit at shifting conversations from one person to another. 

according to right, properly

adept, dexterous

The mayor was known for his chicanery, over the years cheating the public out of millions.

to trick

subterfuge, duplicity

Carl didn’t find the two-hour walk too difficult, but he wanted to demur the next morning when his friends proposed a strenuous hike. 


Sarah took no time at all in establishing a rapport with others, talking to strangers on the train platform as though they were long-lost friends. 

relationship and harmony

mutual understanding

past, gone by

Over the years her style has become passe — after all, who wears pastels these days?

The bears had discovered the campers’ food cache, making away with everything from sugar-coated cereal to beef jerky. 

to hide

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Nobody had ever stood up to the intimidating principal before, but with complete sangfroid, Alice listed what was wrong with the cafeteria menu. 

The prime minister was wary of meeting foreign dignitaries, so he used his trusted advisor as a liaison. 

to bind together. 

“Dangerous Liaisons” 



During medieval times, being an envoy was a perilous job, given the constant threats from bandits. 

one sent

envoi = poem

A roundabout way of saying naked is “sans clothing”. 



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The diplomat quickly lost his overseas post after one too many faux pas. 

false step

fashion faux pas

lieu: place

A good online dictionary can be used in lieu of a traditional desktop dictionary. 


terrible child

enfants terribles


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