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Word Roots: L

Lamedh may have come from a pictogram of an ox goad or cattle prod. Some have suggested a shepherd’s staff. 

牧羊人赶羊的长鞭, 尖头棒,戳, 驱赶, 驱赶到一起, 驱赶使其聚集在一起; 戳,选择, 工作

牧羊人是上帝的使者, 赞扬, 教徒受洗,


relish (great enjoyment),

milieu (background, setting, surroundings)

labor, laud, lavish

lax, laxative, laxity, 

lat: 拉条,千丝万缕

拉, 拉宽

联系, 隐蔽

  • 拉, 联系: relate, related, relatedness, irrelative, relativity, relation, relational, interrelate, legislate (legis+lat+e), latitude, latitudinal, correlate, ablate (ab + lat + e) , ablation, late, belated, dilate, dilater, dilator, dilation, dilatate, dilatory (di+lat+ory), dilatoriness, superlative, collate (col+lat+e), collation, oblate (ob+lat+e), oblateness, elated (嘴巴拉长高兴), elation, translate
  • 联系, 隐蔽: latent, latency, 
  • later (side): lateral, equilateral, collateralize, unilateral, collateral, bilateral, quadrilateral, trilateral, laterally, multilateral

leg: bind, choose [legate, relegate, allegation]

  • college, colleague, collegial, delegate, legacy
  • relegate: They aim to prevent women from being relegated to a secondary role. 
  • allegation: He made allegations of corruption against the administration. 
  • legate: a Papal legate arrived in France on a peacemaking mission. 

leg: gather, read [legible, legion, sacrilege]

  • legend, negligent, legible, legion, elegance
  • sacrilege: putting ecclesiastical vestments to secular use was considered sacrilege. 

leg: law

legal, legitimate, legislation, legalize, legality, legalese, privilege, paralegal, legislature, legislate 

loyal, loyalty 

lic: it is permitted, one may

licit, illicit, leisure, license

lit (lawsuit): litigation, allege, allegation

C/G 工具; T 符号; E – 欢呼的人, O – eyes

lect: ct 牧羊人扬着鞭子,对羊群大喊着一些符号(文字)speak or read

lecture, lectern, dialect, 

letter: lit 点/人 + 符号, 符号集合成单词, 文字

letter, literacy, unlettered, transliterate, literati, obliteration, literature, illiterate, literate, alliteration

lex: of words, leks 把单词汇集起来,词汇表

lexicon, lexicographer, prolix

locut (having spoken): interlocutor, circumlocution, elocution, locution

log (word, study, reason): L + O 眼睛 + G 工具apology, homologous, neologism, analogous, eulogy, chronological, pathological, prologue, logistics, logic, log, epilogue, catalog, apologetic, logo, analogy, anthologize, apologia, syllogism, dialogue, anthology

loqu (speak, talk): colloquy, colloquial, colloquium, soliloquy, soliloquize, loquacity, loquacious, magniloquence, ventriloquism, grandiloquent, eloquence, obloquy

l  – 洗礼   + u, v, = water, fire, light, wind

luc (light, brightness, clarity) = L + U 水流 + C

lucid, pellucid, elucidate (make sth. clear), translucent, 

lumin (light, glow): luminary, luminosity, luminous, illuminate, illumine, luminescence, 

lustr (illumine, brighten): lackluster, lustrous, illustrate, luster, 

lus (trick): illusive (deceptive), delusive, disillusive, allusive, elusive, disillusionment, collusion

lud (trick, play): prelude, interlude, postlude, elude, collude, allude (suggest indirectly), ludicrous,   delude, 

lut (wash): dilute, ablution

luv (wash, bathe): alluvial, deluge, antediluvian 

lav (wash): lava, laundry, lavish, lave, lavatory, launder

lev (light, of little weight): elevator, levitate, alleviate, legerdemain, levy, levity, lever, relieve, relevant, 

luxur (excess): luxury, luxuriate, luxurious, luxuriant

ly (untie) L + Y (动感)

analyze, catalyze, dialysis, electrolyte, hydrolysis, paralysis, paralyze, palsy, 

li/loy: tie, bind, link

  • ally, rally, liable, alliance, reliant, reliable, lien, liaison, 
  • alloy

lieu, milieu

limin (doorway, threthold): prelim, eliminate, subliminal

limit (boundary): illimitable, delimit

lin (line, string, thread):  lineament, delineate, waistline, lineup, linen, lineman, lineage, lineal, headline, eyeliner, shoreline, outline

lips (leave): eclipse, ellipse, ellipsis, elliptic, eeliptical

li (tie, bind, link): alliance, liaison, lien, ally, rally, reliable, reliant, reliance

loy (tie, bind, link): alloy, unalloyed

loc (place): allocate, locate, echolocation, loci, locale, collocate, 

lict: left behind, abandoned, forsaken

delinquent, relic, derelict, dereliction

lid (strike, harm) = L + I + D (弓/快)用皮鞭赶牛群,牛群非常快地进入牛栏

collide, elide, collision, elision

luct (struggle, fight against): reluctance, ineluctable, 

len: soft

  • relent,
  • relentless (ruthless): ferocious / ferocity, bestial (beast), felonious
  • lenient: clement 


被鞭打的羊群,失去活力,倦怠,疲惫: languid, languorous, languish, languor


libre (liberty, live): free b=v

liberate, libel

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