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Word Roots: dis-, un-, in/im/il/ir-, non-

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dis: be apart of or away from, separate

  • dislike (v., n. more active than don’t like) 
  • unlike (prep.)
  • disclaim (gainsay = say against)
  • discover: to find by accident
  • uncover: you are looking for something (investigation) and you found it.
  • disorganized: a person
  • unorganized : an organization or a room
  • disinterested: impartial, you don’t take a side. objective
  • uninterested: indifferent, don’t care, 
  • discomfort: n. 
  • uncomfortable: adj. 
  • disable: 
  • unable: cannot, active
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  • different = dif + fer = apart + carry
  • distance = dis + sta = apart + stand
  • discursive = dis + cur = away + attention
  • disingenuous = dis + ingenuous
  • dismiss = dis + miss = away + send
  • disparate = dis + par = not + par = not + equal
  • discern = dis + cern = sift apart
  • disseminate: spread out
  • disburse
  • indiscreet = in + dis + cret = in + dis + sift 
  • disaffected
  • disinter = dig up
  • disparage
  • dissemble = dis + emble = conceal one’s true motives, feelings, or beliefs

un- (ig-, il-, im-, in-, ir-, ob-, oc-)

  • imbalanced
  • unbalanced
  • immaterial: not important, not relevant
  • impossible
  • illogical
  • irrelevant
  • unsecure: things or simply use “not secure”
  • insecure: person’s attitude towards himself, not confident
  • inappropriate = in + appropriate (adj.)
  • misappropriate = mis + appropriate (v.) = mis + take = you take something in a dishonest way, in a wrong way. 
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  • immigrate: migrate to a country
  • inflame: cause to flame more, intensify

en + noun / adj. ==> verb

ensue, encumber, engender, encomium, entice, entangle, endure, endorse, encompass, engage, encroach,  envisage, enthrall, ensconce

en (em, il, im, in): in, on, 

entourage, endemic, enclave,

epi-: over

cata-: catalyze, catalog, category, catastrophe, cataract, catatonic, catapult, cataclysm

a-: avert, amenable, avocation, amentia, amanuensis

ab-: abdicate, abrogate, abjure, absolve, abrasive, abominate, aberrant, abnegation, ablution, ablation

abs-: abstract, abstain, abstruse, abstinence, abscond, abstemious

apo-: apogee, apostate, apostile, 

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amb-, ambi-: both

equi-: equal

arch-: chief, principal, 

auto-: self, same

be-: to treat in a certain way

hor-: boundary

homo-: same vs. hetero-: other, all-: other, different

bene-: well; mal-: bad

hyper-: over vs. hypo-: under, below

intro-: within vs. extro-: outside

macro-: large, long vs. micro-: small

idio-: own, personal, private

inter-: between, within, among, 

mill-: one thousand

meta-: beyond, change, 

neo-: new

omni-: all

pan-: all

para-: beside, alongside

pen-: nearly, almost, 

per-: through, thoroughly

peri-: around, near, about

ep-: around, 

epi-: over, upon

post-: after

pre-: before, in front

pro-: before, forward,

ante-, pro-. pre-, fore-

retro-: backward, 

sub-, suc-, suf-, sup-, sur-, sus-: under, from below

sur-: over, above,

super-: over, above

sym-, syn-: with, together

trans-: across, through

uni-: one, bi-, di-, du-: two,  tri-: three; mono-: one; multi-: many

idio-: own, personal, private

inter-: between, within, among, 

de- (thoroughly): denote, demonstrate, declaim, devoid,  deluge, decrepitude, decrepit, denude, decry, demean, desiccate,  desolate, derelict, denigrate, demur, denounce, 

de- (away, not): delusive, deprive, depravity, desegregate, 

re- (against):

  • n. reproof, remonstration, reprehension
  • n. rebuke, reprimand,
  • v. blame or disapprove: rebuke, reprimand, reprehend, remonstrate, reprove,  reproach, retort, 
  • v. say no, give up: renege, revoke, recant (abjure), renounce, relinquish, repudiate,
  • adj. reprehensible, redoubtable (formidable), 

re- (again, back): reclaim, retort,  repute,  recapitulate, refractory, relegate, remuneration, rejuvenate, 

re- (thoroughly, emphasizing): replete, resolute, resolve, request, reverent, restraint, refined, research, resplendent, recondite, reticent, redolent, request, revile, refrain, 

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