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The Chumash – The Stone Edition


An Overview

Ramban, or Maimonides, formulated the Thirteen Principles of Faith.

end of deed, first in thought.

Before final goals can be realized, there are long lists of tasks seemingly unrelated to the goal.

The more accomplished the person, the more ambitious the goal — and the more difficult and complex the road to its attainment.

physical punishment meted out for an assault.

Without a lamp, there would be no light, but a lamp without light is cold and useless.

God’s wisdom dictates that people ascend the spiritual ladder through performance of the commandments of the Torah, just as a lamp makes light possible. However, Man’s highest privilege and loftiest attainment is in the study of Torah itself – the light – whereby mortal man unites with the thought and wisdom of God Himself.

  • tantamount
  • provenance
  • tamper
  • castigate
  • heretic
  • corpus
  • redactor
  • anthologize
  • consonance
  • larcenous
  • expound
  • bulge
  • abode
  • garb
  • exult
  • profane
  • blanch
  • morass
  • mundane
  • blasphemer

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