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Philosophers: Nietzsche

existentialism: freedom and fining meaning in a meaningless world

01. Be a harmonious totality 

  • Apollonian side: rational, conscious, responsible
  • Dionysian side: instinctual, subconscious, emotional

Apollo vs Dionysus    == yang & ying

  • organized, responsible, logic
  • artistic, creative, emotional

To really shine you have to embrace your inner chaos, learn to explore it, listen to your feelings and intuition. 


02. Avoid having a reactive life

Most people distract their thoughts; to cease to be aware of life. We are too passive, too reactive. We do not act as ourselves, we are not honest enough, we are not noble enough. 

Be more reflective about your goals and fight the obstacles. 

03. Avoid holding resentment towards others

  • Strong enough to forget and recuperate sooner
  • Avoid arguing for your limitations and keep going towards your goals. 

04. Don’t blindly follow the Masters

Finding his own path, his own philosophy, his own style of writing is crucially important. 

05. Find your Why

Your life purpose can not be found unless you find yourself first. After your find the purpose of your life, you can tolerate any hardship the life throws at you. 

  • Have I always be true?
  • Have I really cultivated my talents?
  • goals, milestones, north star

06. Suffering can make you stronger

  • What does not destroy me makes me stronger. 
  • phoenix: live fly die repeat。 immortal (rebirth from ashes); tears can cure wound. Fly in flames like the sun. king of birds and make wind in Chinese
  • process values more than the outcomes; transformative
  • vulnerabilities and illusions

07. Avoid being just “busy”

08. Live dangerously

09. Become a Superhuman

10. Happiness is the way you approach your goals

How to own yourself

01. Dare to stand alone

02. Follow your wildest dreams

03. Follow your goals, not a system

04. Embrace your demons

05. Give style to your character