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My Journal Dec. 2021

Dec. 1, 2021

We’ve just set out for school. H said, I forget my lab stuff. Can we go back? Yes. Then I made a turn at the church beneath our house. I told H, “I am happy that you remember it before we left home too far. It will take us no time to get back and fetch your stuff. Plus I don’t want to drive all the way to your school again to bring your stuff to your office.” 

Sometimes people have all sorts of concerns which prevent them from confessing their mistakes earlier. Well a small mistake can turn into a big mistake. I, as a realtor, help my clients build,  remodel, or repair homes. I have got a deep feeling about this issue. For example, I hired workers to do some work on a roof. I told them upfront, if you happen to break a few tiles, please tell me. I won’t be mad at you and I will not ask you to pay for the repair either. I will just repair them so that my roof won’t leak in the future. It is not that I have enough money to bear people’s mistakes. It is that we all make mistakes first. Second, comparing everybody’s cost and benefit, I understand why the workers might not want to tell me they break some tiles for the repair might cost more than all the wage they earn for that day. Well comparing my cost to repair a couple of tiles and to repair a roof leak and other potential problems caused by the leak without notice for a long time, I am better off always by knowing the truth. 

We are all fresh and blood and we make mistakes and are caught in accidents sometimes. There is nothing shamed of confessing a mistake we make. We learn from mistakes and we progress better after correcting these mistakes. 

Fine. Your humor makes up for your mean behavior.  

On Wed, Dec 1, 2021 at 8:59 PM Grace Cai <> wrote:
Hello mother,
After pondering for 15 minutes during my shower🚿🛀, I have come to the conclusion that this is one of the few useful emails from you that has popped into my inbox 📥 (see what I did there?). As a reward, I have chosen to reply and give your ideas a try. Here are some sentences that flashed ⚡️ into my mind like a stripper 🤬:
A piece of shit flew out of my ass and landed on Joyce’s head. 
👧🏻 ⬅️Joyce
Not good 😔? Here’s another one:
Your ass retreated from the outside world back into your body and out your stomach. 
I don’t really like that one so here’s my final attempt:
A plastic pick speeded (I was gonna use flew but I changed it- omg 😆 synonym wowowowowow) out from Joyce’s hand and stabbed my eye. However, my chair held me back from hitting her. Instead, water splashed out of my glass and spilled on Joyce’s fat ass. Joyce’s weak body could not take the trauma and sent her mommy to her rescue. I ran. (Short sentence aye)
🪑⛓👧🏻👋|         👧🏻 
🥛💦 👧🏻 
This one’s definitely my favorite; very ✨ vivid ✨. Verbs throughout. 

On Tue, Nov 30, 2021 at 12:03 PM Elaine Liu <> wrote:
When I read your distortion of American dreams. I see your sharp insights. Your logic is clear and your reasoning is convincing. 
I hope you can work more on being concise and being vivid/interesting. 
There are three techniques I can think of here. 
  1. Vary synonyms 
  2. Use verbs
  3. Use different sentence structures: long/short, simple/complicated, positive/negative, statements/questions, etc. 
For the third technique: Compare the sentences below. Which one can make your writing not boring?
  1. I thought a good idea.
  2. A good idea came into my mind. 
  3. A good idea flashed into my mind. 
  1. He went to the town on business. 
  2. Business took him to the town. 
  • A warm and sunny Sunday found my whole family going for an outing at the beach.