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2014年的帖子: 给自己又找了份工作:小女儿班的 Room Mom,负责配合老师组织家长各项学校工作。主要通过义工,增加在老师和小朋友中间的露脸率,支持宝贝开始新的小学生生涯。我们美国是如此拼妈的。
工作描述The “job description” may include:
1、The room mom helps organize parent volunteers for the classroom (if needed), drivers for field trips, and any classroom parties/activities.
2、Help purchase a teacher birthday gift (using classroom funds, usually $30/child in the class)
3、Help teacher plan activities and/or costumes for International Day in March
4、Takes donations for a “raffle basket” to be auctioned at the Fall fundraiser event。