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Word Roots: E

a praying or calling human figure balance, even, symmetric extend   E: ego, eg, empt, enn, ego, egoist, egotist, egocentric, egomaniac, egotistical eg: exegesis empt (buy): exempt, preempt (forestall, prevent), preemptive, preemptory,  peremptory A peremptory action, such as a decree or demand, is authoritative and absolute; therefore, it is not open to debate but must […]

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Word Roots: T

MARK token, take, tool, tell, table, ten, tend, tax, technology, temper, terror, test, turn, tract,  当你看到十字图形,可以作为记号 上帝: the 记录事情,故事,tabl, them, thes,  记录时间,temp 温度:therm 这个东西是属于某人的,土地的界限打下的桩子。 “拥有,持有” have, hold 把事物汇总记录,分开记录: tom, thes,  Table (tabl), tabl (plank, board): table, tablet,  tabular, tabulate, tableau, tableaux, tableau vivant,  tabloid, On the table, off the table, under the table.  tain/ten/tin, tend/tent/tens, […]

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Word Roots: R

HEAD, KING,  RA: Ruler + Ox rad (ray): radio, radish  == ray, root head/king is a glowing figure in a country and a root for a tribe, such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, David.  radius, radar, X-ray, radio, rayon radiate, irradiate, radiant, radiance, radiation, radiator, radioactive, radiology, radial,  rud (root, unskilled, untaught): rude,  rudiment, erudite, erudition, […]

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Word Roots: Q

 the eye of a needle, a knot, or even a monkey with its tail hanging down quaint (know, learn): quaint, acquaintance,  quant (how much): quantity, quantum, quantify quer , quar, (complain, protest) quarrel, querulous, quarrelsome quest (ask, seek): quest, request, inquest, conquest,  quir, quer, (seek, strive for): query, inquire, require, enquire, conquer,  quiesc (rest): quiescence, […]

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Word Roots: N

SNAKE, overlay, compact, 叠放,压缩-紧密 NA: narc (numbness, deadness, self obsessed) narcotics, narcissus, narcissism nasc (be born) 压缩紧密的状态 – 》 大, 牛,高的方向发展。 像种子,胎儿发育。 nascent, renascent, Renaissance nat (born) natural, preternatural, naive, innate, natal, prenatal, neonate, neonatal, postnatal, cognate,  nav/nau = ship navigation, nausea, nauseate, nautical, nautical chart, nautical mile,  aeronautics, astronautics Beijing University of Aeronautics and […]

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Word Roots: M

MY, ME,  MOM – mother is like water, nurturing her children MAN –  MA water + ox mal (bad, evil) : L – ox goad or cattle prod malice (n.),  malfeasance, maleficent, maladaptive, maladjusted, malcontent, malediction, malefaction, malefactor, malformation, maladroit, malapropism malevolent, malign (adj.), malignant,  malaise, malady, malaria,  malinger (feign illness) dismal machin (plan, trick, […]

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Word Suffix

Verb -e: 延展  relate, grieve,  -ate (to make have a certain quality): emulate, oscillate, precipitate, rejuvenate,  expropriate, interpolate, adjudicate, exonerate, fulminate, disseminate, amalgamate, commiserate, desiccate, extenuate, subjugate, cogitate, extirpate, prognosticate, recapitulate -er (to do something with repeating motions ): waver, dissever, banter, welter, linger, bewilder, engender, master, batter, render, encumber, decipher, muster, cluster, sever,  loiter, […]

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Word Root: E

E: Epsilon 欢呼-a praying or calling human figure (hillul ‘jubilation’) epic, empire, eat, eager, eagle, elite, ease, easy 伸展/出:extend, exit, ear, end, echo, east, elite, extreme 对称: even, event, evening, egg, eye, equal, every, eight 欢呼:ego, empt, erg, es, eu- ego: I  ego, egocentric, egotist, egoist, egoism, egomaniac empt:  exempt, preempt, redemption, peremptory, redeem erg: work […]

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Common Sense

Summary and full text Excepts: Thoughts I am convinced by every argument based on the principles of nature. We can see these natural principles clearly only by tracing back to the origin.  In Avatamsaka Sutra: “The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment” or “The very moment of raising beginner’s […]

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