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Got it!

Got it. vs I got it.

Boss – Please have this ready by Friday.

You – Got it! 收到!

You – I got it. 我来吧/我有把握某事。

Scene 1: When somebody knocked the door, Phoebe said, “I’ll get it.”

Scene 2: You and your friends are leaving the door, and your friend’s asking, “Where is the key?” you said, “I got it.” [I have it. 在我手上,我拿着呢。]

You got it!

I got this under control.

Scene: Joey – You know I don’t think you should be talking at all in there. Ross: Ok, ok, you got it!

Roger/copy that.

Consider it done!

Sure thing.

I’m on it.

Your wish is my command. (not very formal)

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