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Long long time ago, there are full of ever-changing chaos and obscurity wrapped in clear and smoggy air between the sky and the earth. Out of this chaos and darkness, a lot strange creatures lived and some of them turned into gods. 

One god is called HunDun who lived in Mount Tian. He had a huge body of an elephant’s, six legs. His six feet looked like those of bears but were not as strong as those of bears. His skin was red like fire. He had four wings on his back and a dog’s tail. He did not have a face at all, not mention of eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. But he could enjoy dancing and singing, could hear any sound out of the chaos, and could judge who was kind or evil among those whoever passed by him. He moved as a ball of opaque shadow, slow and heavy. 

Perhaps HunDun was extracting the essence out of the sky and the earth and absorbing the origin energy produced as the universe was coming into being. 

One day, two gods living in the ocean stopped by Mt. Tian and saw HunDun and went to talk to him. HunDun could surely understood their conversations and treated them very well. However, two gods felt very regretful for HunDun for he were different from them, without eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. They could not imagine how HunDun lived in the world. They decided to help him in making him seven orifices by using axe and chisel. 

Two gods told HunDun, “Dear HunDun, our good friend, we know that you have stored up the essence from the sky and the earth by close touching with them for tens of millions of years. We know you can hear and feel everything. But do you know that everything in the world has eyes, ears, nose and mouth. With eyes, you can see the world clearly, with ears you can hear the pulse and springing up of everything, with a mouth you can taste every flavor in the world, with  a nose you can smell hundreds of different smells. …”

“Really? What you say really moves my heart.  I really don’t know what the sky and the earth look like though I’ve been living within their brace so many years.” “Then let us open seven orifices for you, OK?”

“Sure. Then I can feel the amazing power of the seven orifices.”

On the first two days, the two warm-hearted friends chiseled two eyes in the upper flat area between its two front wings and its two front legs. On the third and fourth day, they chiseled two nostrils below the eyes. On the fifth day, they chiseled a mouth below the nose. And on the sixth and seventh day, they chiseled two ears besides the two eyes. 

After seven days, Hundun had its seven orifices. However, the essence of the sky and the earth stored within its body started to flow out of its body as one after another orifice was open. On the end of the seven days, Hundun melted into the sky and the earth.